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The #prospertrendingnow conference is dedicated to igniting a passion in teachers to explore “trending” technologies with a curriculum connection. This mini conference is designed with you in mind… YOU will have an opportunity to learn from colleagues in your district and from across the state, YOU will pick the classes that empower YOU to make the digital leap into using “trending” technologies with YOUR students. Join us for an unforgettable day of learning and follow us on Twitter at #prospertrendingnow for exciting announcements about the conference. Breakout sessions start at 8:30. 
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Lisa Morales

Kindergarten Teacher
I've taught public school since 1983. I temporarily retired, in 1996, to raise a family and returned to teaching in 2008. I've taught all types of special education, first grade, and kindergarten. When I returned to teaching in 2008 I was technologically challenged. I had never been on a shared network and didn't know where log on or off was. I was determined, however, to tackle this technological beast. I started making flipcharts in 2011 and have loved integrating technology into all subject areas for my team and all other kindergarten teachers in PISD. Our Rucker kinders use the Promethean in Daily 5 and Daily Math stations all the time. The kids love being able to toggle between the tools to finish a task. They may be 5 or 6, but they are mighty when it comes to technology. I hope to inspire other teachers and give them the tools they need to create their own flipcharts to meet the needs of their curriculum.